Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke…

Matthew Weintraub is flying high at the moment. The Republican District Attorney for Bucks County, Pa. is fresh off the DiNardo Case. It was great TV. Cadaver dogs brought in to search for the bodies of four young men on a farm. Weintraub stood in front of the cameras day after day, looking serious. Looking worried. Looking like a man who was thinking about running for Governor.

Of course, there wasn’t much for Weintraub to actually do. The bodies were found pretty quickly, and DiNardo confessed immediately.

But he wasn’t going to give up the bright lights that easily. So just days later, Weintraub came up with his own anti-drug campaign, right out of Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No playbook: Push the Pushers! See, Weintraub’s district is mayonnaise-level white. Black people on drugs are criminals, of course. But white people on drugs are victims.

All of this bodes quite well for the budding superstar Republican.

There is an undercurrent of unease, however. Weintraub might secretly be gay. That’s not a problem, except maybe for the “secret” part. But if any of the rumours that he committed homosexual acts with minors are true, well, that might make his gubernatorial bid a hill much more difficult to climb.

Still, this is the Nation of “Alternative Facts”, so, who knows…

Third Fisherman: Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.
First Fisherman: Why, as men do a-land: the great ones eat up the little ones? – William Shakespeare, Pericles



A South Houston,Texas bingo hall looked more like a “doomsday shelter” when police raided it earlier this week, reports CBS affiliate KHOU:

Authorities confiscated 100 guns, $87,000 and body armor, said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Ruben Diaz.

“Enough, what I would consider, to start a small war,” Diaz said during a Friday press conference. “This is one of largest seizures of guns I’ve seen in one particular spot.”

Investigators found the stash of cash, guns, ammunition and body armor hidden in an underground bunker below the Paradise Day & Night Bingo Hall.

Owners Robert Jones and Fred Kennedy, along with 10 others, were arrested after a year-long undercover operation.

Prosecutors also claim the owners were using family-owned ATMs to launder some of the $15 million in illegal earnings over the last four years.


On your mark, get set, gun-nuts go crazy!

Obama/Crooked Hillary are taking our guns away. Big Government/Big Brother, sheeple! We need even more guns, brought to you by the NRA. Comments on this story – and there were tons of them – were almost entirely pro-gun/anti gun control. Sandy Hook? Forget about it. No, seriously, forget about it. And I found this meme quite interesting: If the police can raid a bingo hall, why can’t they raid a mosque?

This Bingo dirty-dozen laundered more then $15 million bucks in just four years. This wasn’t an undercover operation over guns, this was an undercover operation over money laundering. Think Scarface…

Americans are scared tipless

As reported by Cleve R. Wootson Jr, The Washington Post:

The message on the receipt rattled Sadie Karina Elledge, but it made her grandfather see red.

Instead of leaving a gratuity on Monday, a couple eating at the Harrisonburg, Va., restaurant where Sadie works scrawled: “We only tip citizens.”


The dig was aimed at Sadie, 18, who was born in America, but is of Honduran and Mexican descent. So, John Elledge took a photo of the grease-stained receipt left for his granddaughter and posted it on Facebook.

Beneath the photo he typed: “Ada M. Doriot. You are a complete and total piece of dung.”

That was just the beginning of a rather insane back-and-forth between Pop pop, the customers, the restaurant’s manager, and of course, all the crazies on social media.

The main debate point, that the liberal PC police have taken away our right to say and do things that might be considered racist or homophobic or Islamophobic or misogynistic or just plain misanthropic in general, disproves itself. We are talking about it. We are posting comments about it.

Then there’s the blame game. It’s Obama’s fault that cultural relations are so bad right now. It’s Donald Trump’s fault that cultural relations are so bad right now. It’s illegal immigrants’ fault that cultural relations are so bad right now.

Cultural relations have always been, and will always be bad. They were bad way before the white man invaded the red man’s land. That was before the telegraph and radio and TV and the computer and the cellphone and social media were invented.

Look, if we want to make this a better world, we should start small. Like leaving a waitress a freakin’ tip…