A South Houston,Texas bingo hall looked more like a “doomsday shelter” when police raided it earlier this week, reports CBS affiliate KHOU:

Authorities confiscated 100 guns, $87,000 and body armor, said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Ruben Diaz.

“Enough, what I would consider, to start a small war,” Diaz said during a Friday press conference. “This is one of largest seizures of guns I’ve seen in one particular spot.”

Investigators found the stash of cash, guns, ammunition and body armor hidden in an underground bunker below the Paradise Day & Night Bingo Hall.

Owners Robert Jones and Fred Kennedy, along with 10 others, were arrested after a year-long undercover operation.

Prosecutors also claim the owners were using family-owned ATMs to launder some of the $15 million in illegal earnings over the last four years.


On your mark, get set, gun-nuts go crazy!

Obama/Crooked Hillary are taking our guns away. Big Government/Big Brother, sheeple! We need even more guns, brought to you by the NRA. Comments on this story – and there were tons of them – were almost entirely pro-gun/anti gun control. Sandy Hook? Forget about it. No, seriously, forget about it. And I found this meme quite interesting: If the police can raid a bingo hall, why can’t they raid a mosque?

This Bingo dirty-dozen laundered more then $15 million bucks in just four years. This wasn’t an undercover operation over guns, this was an undercover operation over money laundering. Think Scarface…